Duty List - Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the duty list?

A read-only version of the duty list is available on the club website under the sailing menu. Unless you have logged in to the members area you will not be able to make any changes.

A printed copy of the duty list will be displayed on the club notice board, but please do not write on this version without either adding the duty via the website or letting the Sailing Team know, - so that we can update the web version. The version on the website will be the master copy so all additions and changes must be applied to that version, if you are unable to update the website directly then please contact the Sailing Secretary.

How do I gain access to update the duty list?

Update access to the duty list is available by logging into the club Members Only area. In order to do this you need a userid and password. If you have not done so already you can obtain these using the sign up link on the members login page. You will be required to enter a password plus the latest email address supplied to the membership secretary (e.g. when you joined or renewed your membership).

I have forgotten my user name and/or password

If you have previously signed up for a userid and password but can't remember them, you can get a reminder via email, using the email reminder link on the members login page.

How do I sign up for a duty?

Once you have logged in to the members only area, click the link Update Duty List link and you will see a list of dates displayed. Against each date there is a brief description of the event (which will also include an indication of whether it is club racing, free sailing or an open meeting), plus a team size and a list of names of those who have already signed up for that date. If the number of people already signed up matches the team size then that date is no longer available.

When you find a suitable date, check that the roles available are roles that you can fulfil. The system will check that only members who have the relevant experience can sign up for the roles of officer of the day or safety boat helm, and there are additional experience levels required for these roles when the event is an open meeting.

Once you have chosen a date then click on the button (next to the week day) and press the Select date button. A second page will then be displayed containing pull down lists for each of the roles available on that day. Click on the list against the role that you would like and you should see your name plus the names of any other sailing members in your family/membership who have suitable experience for that role.

If your name does not appear in the list it then it is either because we have not yet been able to assign an experience level, or if the role you have selected is officer of the day or safety boat helm, it could be that according to our records you do not have suitable experience for the role you have selected. If this is the case, and you really are able to fulfil these roles, then please get in touch with the Sailing Team so that we can update your details.

How do I check what experience level has been assigned for the sailing members in my family?

If you request an email reminder of your duty dates from the Members only home page, you will receive an email which shows the duties you have been assigned plus the duty experience levels assigned to each member of your membership/family.

Alternatively when you choose a date and press the Select Date button on the duty list page the system will display the duty experience levels of each member of your family/membership.

To change your experience level please contact the Membership Secretary.

How do I change my dates ?

If you have signed up for a duty and find that you want to change it for a different date, you can make the change yourself using the online duty list provided you are not making a change within three weeks of the date of the duty. To make a change to your duty, find the date that you want to remove, click on the button next to your duty and using the pull down list, change your name to 'unallocated'. You can now add your name against another date in the same way as adding a new duty.

If you want to make a change within one week of a duty, then you must try to find a replacement. In order to make the swap you need to contact the Sailing Team so that the changes can be applied to the duty list. Members are not permitted to make last minute changes, these must be done via the Sailing Team.

How do I make a duty swap with another member?

Provided none of the dates affected by the swap are within one week of the duty, you can make a swap by liaising with the person you want to swap with. You remove your date from the list, then let them know so that they can add their name in your place and then remove their name so that you can add your name in their place.

Alternatively (and you must do this if the swap is within one week of your duty), you can contact the Sailing Team to request the swap.

How do I check what duties I have been assigned ?

You can check your duties at any time by requesting an email reminder via the Members Only home page. You can get a summary of your duties ( both completed and planned) using the duty list summary link on the duty rota page (but only after you have logged in).

Future enhancements to the duty list may include the ability to search the duty list by person or family/membership.

How many duties do I need to sign up for?

We will be using a points system to ensure that duties are allocated fairly. Each sailing member should expect to fulfil duties equivalent to 8 points over the season, where 1 Point = 1 Race on racing days, and Saturday free sailing is equivalent to 2 points.

On Thursday evenings we will allocate a duty team of three (Race Officer, plus a safety team), which should be adequate for most weeks as the evening winds are usually fairly light. When it is very windy we will recruit extra members for the duty team and this will count towards their duty points.

To Contact the Sailing Team email: Sailing@pennine-sc.co.uk